Dragon Age Inquisition Guide

Dragon Age Inquisition guide,
we playing from Playstation 4 platform and take play time up to 90+ Hours to play it completely finish all quest, get the girl, each of character stories, secrets, maps, all ten dragon, and others. Check out for the game : Dragon Age Inquistion

We do know Dragon Age Inquisition it's really complicated games, very complex, yet very great game. So you can find what you really need at the video guide that we really hope it will help you guys, w
arned this guide contain SPOILER.

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All 10 Dragon Location

First thing first most guide searched is all 10 Dragons place where you can find them,
You need to beat from weakest dragon into powerful dragon.
These ten dragon held Powerful equipment for your characters.
Also you can get Dragon Bane Achievement after beat all ten of it.

Crafting Weapons, Armors, and Upgrades

This guide will tell you how to efficiently crafting Weapons, Armors, and Upgrades. From basics to advanced crafting, how to acquire rare schematics, farming materials, and also how to put it all together to make your perfect weapons, armor, and upgrades!

Masterwork Crafting and Gearing Guide

Masterwork Crafting is very useful if you wanted to get baddest gear for you team. It gives you the power to create the perfect weapon and armor in the style you want, with the stats you want, and rune what you like!

How to get 11 Agents Fast

This guide useful for you wanted to get 11 agents in a fast way

Instant Complete Operation Without Waiting

If you bored waiting an Operation with a long time hours, you can skip it in a second turn into completed. This is how the trick :

Top 10 Inquisition Perks 

Perks is important things in DAI, you will need perks more than anything. Most perks have some prerequisite like unlocking a previous tier, spending a certain number of points in that category first, or doing something in game, before you have access to acquire the perk.

Crafting Material Collecting Guide Storm Coast

This guide will tell tell you for easy collecting material for crafting at Storm Coast.

Crafting Material Collecting Guide Exalted Plains

This guide will tell tell you for easy collecting material for crafting at Exalted Plains.

Dual Dagger Build

Dual Dagger is most favourite class on Dragon Age, dual dagger class give destructive damage on single enemies. Wielding two dagger and light armor, this class is very weak at defence and health. You can see this video guide to get full potential for dual dagger class :

Freezing Cryomancer Guide

Freezing Cryomancer is a mage class mixing skills between freeze and fire spell. Freezing skill is to slowing one or multiple enemies and fire spell to burning and damaging enemies. It will helping support and as dps as well on combat.

Sword and Shield DPS Reaver Guide

Sword and Shield DPS Reaver this class combination is fearless, not only high health and defence but also crazy in the battlefield. Give a lot more melee DPS and survive more battle. Disadvantage is this class less protecting any team member.

Knight Enchanter Support Guide

Knight Enchanter is strong more than sword and shield. It can survive most critical battle such fighting dragons. This class is not really good for DPS, it's better for supporting and protecting allies.

Heavy Weapon Champion Warrior Tank

Heavy Weapon Champion Warrior Tank this class has slowing attacks but has high DPS. Strong enough to handle several damage from enemies and disable them from combat. Good also for area attack but easily to knockdown.

Tempest Guide

Tempest is DPS class from a far. Wear a bow to defeat enemies and strengthen parties. Also disabling enemies and giving them bad status. 

Rogue Tempest Guide

Rogue Tempest Guide using dual dagger as deadly weapon to give enemies highly DPS.
Stealh, blink, and strike enemies from front and behind multiple times. Highly attack speed and multiple combos for a single enemies.

Assassin Archer Rogue Guide

Assassin Archer Rogue Guide you can call it a true DPS archer, strike cautionly from a far with exact high damage per attacks. Slow but deadly. Sniping and stealth is the game for this class combination.

Artificier Archer Rogue Guide

Artificier Archer Rogue Guide is smart hidden combination skill. Using multiple traps with different function to hold and disable or damaging enemies and strike it from a far. 

Pyro Necromancer Endless Summon

Pyro Necromancer Endless Summon is combination mostly from necromancer and inferno skills. Striking harsh damage to enemies around and make them busy to fight summoned spirit or pet. It's pretty effective to distract enemies.

Necromancer Endless Living Pet Trick

Here is a trick to make your necromancer have loyal living pet to fight beside you forever. This trick really save your energy for battle, just let your mighty loyal pet to do it for you.

Tempest Archer Guide

Tempest Archer Guide is combination of archer and tempest abilities. Fighting in the battle is more safety strike from far away and stealth to avoid close range battle. Let tempest skill to do for DPS job.

Rift Mage Guide

Rift Mage Guide is combination mostly from storm, inferno skill and also a little bit rift mage skill help. Strike enemies from a far, disable them and give them a blast from inferno while storm make it's way along the battle. 

Dual Dagger Assasin Guide

Dual Dagger Assasin Guide is most builded combination abilities for most players. Wielding Dual Dagger as weapon , hiding in the darkness, then finishing enemies in multiple moves. High DPS but really weak on combat.

Two Hand Templar Warrior Guide

Two Hand Templar Warrior Guide is combination of two hand, battlemaster, and tempar. This class is really balance and useful in team while combat. This class can dominating whole battle without falling. With High DPS scored you are also have high defense and great survive skill.

Deep Knight Enchanter Guide

Deep Knight Enchanter Guide, make your knight enchanter to the fullest. This combination is also usefull for barrier monster and high DPS damage too with melee magic attack. That's not all, you can say this class will be heart member for your team in harsh combat. Survive skill is number one, for everyone in the team as well. This class is so hard to fall even just wearing a robe not heavy armor. 

Reaver Warrior Guide

Reaver Warrior Guide is warrior class with high DPS. Title of slow move is not for this combination. It can brutalize enemy with fast way, survive by stealing life force for each attacks. 

Most guide video was made by Youtuber : KineticGTR

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