Five Best of Great RPG Series on Playstation 1

On this year 2015, old rpg game collapsed eaten by times.
But not for rpg gamers player who once wield the mighty playstation 1.
Great memories of the game never erased from our history, all the fun and happiness of the game will be remain in our souls. These are all Legendary RPG Games once fill old gamers life, you can get the game with Emulator and ROM for free.

The Best of Suikoden : Suikoden II

Gameplay Trailer :

No doubt about it, this rpg game is the best rpg game of all time for us.
Suikoden II will lurking inside your world of greatest expectation.
Why you ask ? they had all the essence of the game.
The story  of the game is the most number one , we will not spoiler it.
If you play the whole game and revealed the secret, you will find the game story is the best.
Suikoden Characteristic same as all Suikodens you had the castle and recruits all 108 heroes for it.
The Best Orchestra Soundtrack indeed, yet the most gorgeous soundtrack ever start from you play on the field you can judge this is the soundtrack you must have. The battles, cutscene, even, village, and everything is beautiful.

The Best of Final Fantasy : Final Fantasy VII

Gameplay Trailer :

You can say this is also the revolution of Final Fantasy series on playstation 1,
because is the first 3D Final Fantasy. The most wanted FF series of all players,
it has the movie (advent children) , other story (Crisis Core) , and remastered. Still it's not enough, FF VII Fans wanted the story continue or remake with great graphic. Also the hero Cloud Strife is the star of all gamers. Cloud Strife is well known heroes with his buster sword.

The Best of Breath of Fire : Breath of Fire III

Gameplay Trailer :

Almost equal from they brother Breath of Fire IV, but still BoF III slightly rose from BoF IV.
Based on every detail BoF III win all the overall attractiveness. Story and gameplay also its features is more favorable. Features such dragon genes, formation and master system. You can even change equipment while on battle with enemies. The game is not easy, required patience and leveling up oftenly.

The Best of Star Ocean : Star Ocean The Second Story

Gameplay Trailer :

Star Ocean The Second Story win over star ocean 3 : till the end of time even both of the graphic is completely different. Because gamers never judge from the graphic, the complexity of stories and gameplay features will score it. Hero as claude with yellow hair (the name and the hair feels like someone and even his ultimate skill look similar). 

The Best of Wild Arms : Wild Arms 2

Gameplay Trailer :

Now Wild Arms 2 is more favourite from Wild Arms 3.
Why always the previous series got the trophy not the newest one ?
Ofcourse wild arms 3 graphic more beautiful, but gamers judge from originality.
Wild Arms 2 have features more original than the third. Even they stand almost equally but player see what they much had fun from it. WA 2 has it more. With three choose able character at begining of the story.

It is not all the best , but with your help we can review it Seekers.
Comment on the below which game series is the best one !!

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