Dota 2 Bugs and Tricks has Ever Invented

Not every game is perfect, not just a simple game.
Great and famous game sometimes missed a things that cause bugs, glitch, or error.
Such as Dota 2, most famous MOBA with billion players play it. Some players inadvertent or doing it on purpose to find bugs or glitch on the game system. Well it works, Dota 2 do have bugs that quite bothering other player or just funny things.
NOTE : Some bugs has been fixed and doesn't work anymore.

Cut to the case we wanted to tell you what kind of bug 
has been invented by Dota 2 players, here we go :


Strongest creep on Dota known as Roshan is really famous to all dota players,
it give us Aegis if defeated it which can revive one character who held it.
Especially for Dota 2, Roshan can be bugged too. It's not a bug that really fatal though.
But it can confusing opponent , because this trick can making Roshan run away from his palace into woods. If anyone doesn't know this trick it will took time until you realize roshan location.

You can take a peek this video for the trick :

All you need is Tuskar and Clockwerk hero,
following video instruction and you can make your opponent confusing.
You can't kill roshan outside of his chamber, so it just for fun only.


Sniper most played hero in Dota 2, he is agility type and range attack.
Killing enemies from so far away with his stun gun and his ultimate shot.
But with this bugs you can really get easy killing and also really annoying for opponent.
You can shoot shrapnel skill, multiple times until your mana empty or you just tired with it.

You can take a peek on video for bugs :

Like in the video, you need phoenix ultimate skill and kardel shrapnel skill,
use shrapnel multiple times around while phoenix do it's job doing ultimate around shrapnel. Then poof, magic works and you have infinity shrapnel for your opponent.


Meepo hero his agility type hero, did you know his ultimate skill ?
what, you already know ? ofcourse you do..
but what you didn't know is meepo also can multiple items, especially Boots Thread !
Image that if in dota 2 multiply an items is exist, it is just like greedisgood cheat codes if you sell them, which this bugs is true bugs that really unbalancing whole game.
You don't believe such bugs exist ? then watch this :

With that bugs Meepo is the richest hero in dota 2 and ofcourse multiple Boots Thread doesn't make you movement speed max, but it's better !!


Every almost dota 2 player knew this bugs, because this bug used in the international championship by Na Vi team. Pudge hook an enemy along the way to your Fountain so fountain do all the job until enemy killed. Most annoying bugs that need good quality of team mates and timing. All spectator can just look with shock and amaze while Na Vi used it in tournament. Ofcourse at that time, because for the first time, using this trick is prohibited.

You can take a peek on video for bugs :

For you who already knew this bugs, you must be thinking about Pudge and Chen combos to do the trick. But it is not, in the video IO and Pudge combination it's better then Pudge and Chen. Because you can stay in the map with this new trick while your enemy going into your fountain.


Now it's time for Chen, Chen known as monster taming with his Holy Persuasion skill.
But you didn't know about Chen, he can have many troops that ready to battle.
This tricks is really help you out destroying opponent tower fast which is really helpful for your team.

But first you can take a peek on video for bugs :

This is one little tricky has ever invented, all you need is Chen. Using Chen holy persuasion you need to tame multiple monster to fight beside you. Like on video, using your monster to block your creeps on the line.

So your creeps stacked and get multiplied. After you happy with your troops, open the gate by moving your taming monster. Troops is ready to fight !


Even brewmaster has a bugs too, this bug can make his spirit multiplied so many so you can really annoyed your opponent until death. But to achieve this bug you really need a lot of work to doing so.

But if you wanted to try you can see the video :

Like in the video, all you need is Brewmaster and Lone Druid and follow these step :
  • requires to have lone druid with you
  • you need to buy bloodstone and brewmaster
  • you use your bloodstone charges
  • you die
  • you have to wait 5 minutes between each usage
if i can suggest this trick is really hard to implemented in real battle, if you really interested maybe you can try on bots, happy trying.


Who would have thought that Dark Seer has power to summon multiple troops of monster at the first time. It doesn't make sense indeed. But this man says different, he prove that Dark Seer is truly can.
This bug could make Dark Seer summoning a whole of monster appeared in one place in a second.

You can take a peek on video for bugs :

Now anything is possible in Dota 2, in the video Dark Seer really did a great job summoning a whole of monster in one place. To do the tricks is really quite long and a lot of stuff to do.
But if you wanted to try you can follow the video.


This is one of strangest bugs ever and also a lot to do for bugs will work.
The bug works strangely where no one there could attack opponent until dead.
All you need is Morphling, Lone Druid, and Axe as opponent.

You can take a peek on video for bugs :

After see the video you will understand it will be so hard to try it on real battles.
But with strange heroes combination and strange tricks could cause this bugs.
We can't believe someone actually invented it.


Have you seen someone could beat Roshan in first trumpet sound sign war is begin ?
It's impossible isn't it ? But this trick combined with bugs says different.
Kill Roshan at the first very minute without touching him.

You can take a peek on video for bugs :

It could if you pick Necrophos hero, on the first skill you need to activing Heart Stopper aura. Now you do know what i mean, yes ofcourse.. all you need is to move you necrophos into near Roshan and ofcourse near but don't get hit by Roshan. Wait until Roshan health bar degeneratted into extinction, you get the exp, gold, and aegis. Love live Necrophos !!

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