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First of all things you need to know before another things you will see,
No Man’s Sky isn’t an MMO.. yes we feel a little bit down as well but that's not a problem at all if you continue to read down below. If you don't know this game you can feel free to look at the detail because it is a must : No Man Sky


The universe isn’t actually infinite
  • We don't know if this is true, crazy indeed but they say about 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 planets in exact number at the universe in the game. If you visit each one for a single second, it will take you 585 billion years to see them all, so it may as well be. We recommend for you not to discover them all..
No Man's Sky, Galactic Map

The universe isn’t random

  • Second things that seem crazy but this game do not randomize the planets. Everything exists for a reason, and is governed by maths. Maths means every detail is always consistent and makes sense, the result of hundreds of rules we’ve made to make a sci-fi universe we want to explore. And anyway, computers just aren’t very good at random, either.

The universe isn’t stored on your hard disk or on server somewhere

  • We hope you don't get bored but this may be the third crazy things in this game as well. Because the world around you is generated by your PS4 at the point you visit it. Leave and it’s all thrown away, but if you return it is generated again exactly as it was. This also means the game will be completely playable offline.

No Man’s Sky isn’t an MMO

  • Like just we said, too bad but the sheer size of the universe means that everyone is going to be super far apart, and it’s super unlikely that people will even visit the same planets.

There are bots exploring the universe right now

  • In the whole large massive universe you got company because they sent a set of bots out into the void to send back to us gifs of planets. We can quickly review the gifs, lots at a time, to see what kinds of things are out there, and ensure it’s varied and interesting.
No Man's Sky, Cave

There isn’t a story to follow
  • Even there are no cutscenes or characters, but there is a big objective: getting to the center of the universe. First time we heard about the game that we make our own story. Not because they don't want to. But this is about us as players. What a fantastic gaming method.

You will make true discoveries

  • It seem who got first, own it all is very true. No Man Sky is not only a title. The first to visit a planet we mean.. a new planet, or be the first to scan a species of creature, and you will be recorded as its discoverer when you upload it at a beacon for all the world to see. You can also choose to name them.. Don't worry there will be filters!, so you won't naming your own discoveries into silly things.
No Man's Sky, Monolith

The Atlas is everything everyone has ever discovered

  • The No Man’s Sky symbol stands for the database of all the things that players have discovered and chosen to share with the world. It’s perhaps the most important thing in the universe, and will contain findings that even we have no idea about.

You’ll find ancient artifacts and crashed ships

  • One of interesting game features, LOOTING ! but more and deep great system. Crashed ships you find may lead to you discovering new technologies, which can give your ship, suit, and multitool new or improved abilities. It will took a really long time to achieve them all..

A jetpack is an explorer’s best friend

  • Exactly in our mind ! without a ship you must walking in a planet and make it more easier with this sweet thing. Because it can threw away all of your trouble, and take you to places you wouldn’t otherwise be able to access.

Planets are defined by their position in space

  • The make even thinking this far.. Planet conditions, pattern, terrain, is exactly as their position. Such as if they’re close to their sun they’ll tend to be more barren; further away and they’ll tend to be cold. The planets in between tend to be richer with life.

Most planets are barren

  • It's your own to decide to visit a deserted planet or beautiful one because few planets will be dense with plant life and animals. Most will be barren, but even barren planets can be sources of great wealth. 
No Man's Sky, Montage 7

Planets can be toxic

  • Be aware, not every things is fine in No Man Sky, before you are going to land on question mark planets, we suggest you to look around first for your own safety, some planets are death traps, with radiation or other hazards that will kill you in minutes. To survive you’ll need to upgrade your suit.

Every distant mountain is a real place

  • Nothing will be phony on No Man’s Sky doesn’t only generate the environment immediately around you. It also generates the whole planet at a lower level of detail, so every distant object on the horizon is a real place that you can go to.

Planets have days and nights

  • They build universe so they could make weather effect too. Flying down to the night side of a planet, and you’ll find the land in darkness. Different creatures will be awake while daytime creatures sleep.

It’s worth upgrading your ship

  • Don't ever going somewhere without finding resource to upgrade things especially your own Ships! This your forever companion offer varying capacity for being upgraded, whether speed, manoeuvrability, jump drive range, or weapon power.

You can only have one ship at a time

  • Don't worry, one ship is all you need. Choose a ship that suits what you want to do, whether trading (large cargo capacity), fighting (good speed and weapons) or exploring (a long jump drive distance). Want to do something new? You can always get a new one.

You’ll shop for new ships

  • Collecting coins like always need to buy something useful. Space stations sell a rolling stock of ships. If you see one you want, you’ll need to grab it before new stock comes in.
No Man's Sky, Space Station Tube

You won’t be left without a ship

  • Careful now, this may be a part you will thinking carefully about landing on some planet, if you landing at wrong planet and die. Your beautiful ship is die on it and If you die without having single coins, a basic ship is always available for free. It won’t have a hyperdrive, but you’ll be able to fly to planets again to rebuild.

You need fuel

  • Things are real in this game, you can expect this one. You can fly for as long as you like in a star system, but to make jumps between systems you’ll need hyperdrive fuel, which you can buy from space stations or mine from planet surfaces. What if your fuel ran out in nowhere space?.. good question..

You can get a wanted level

  • You are what you do, remember karma is available in the game. Upsetting the balance of planets by mining them too heavily or killing creatures will see you being hunted down by the Sentinels, and attacking craft in space will attract the attention of the police. The more you do, the stronger they will retaliate. If you love being fugitives please feel free to do so.

The Sentinels aren’t everywhere

  • Not every planet is policed, making these lawless playgrounds valuable sources of resources. What do you prefer ? without a law indeed !

Space is not quiet

  • Things get ugly if you do something inappropriate in someone land. Factions constantly vie for territory across the entire universe. Choose to help one faction and it may reward you. Attack another and it’ll remember. But you can also try to avoid conflict completely.
No Man's Sky, Blue Space

You can side with factions

  • Human is social creatures, without partner in life you will feel unsecure so if you’re friendly enough with a faction, it can provide you with support that might protect you as you face its rivals.

Your multitool is an adaptable weapon

  • Multitools have a basic firing mode, but some come with different, more powerful attacks, or you might find technologies to upgrade them.

Death isn’t the end

  • Even things get ugly and die on a planet, you’ll find yourself revived back at your ship having lost what you hadn’t stowed and discoveries you hadn’t uploaded. If you die in space, you find yourself revived at the nearest space station, without your ship, items and discoveries. Careful is a thing you must always keep in mind.

Planets are populated by unique creatures

  • Finally you will like it, many creatures are procedurally generated, with wildly varying shapes, sizes, colorations, and behaviours. From cute, little, friendly into ugly, big, wild creatures you can find in some planets. You can discover countless new species on your journey. 

Animal calls are procedurally generated

  • You won't get bored to find various creatures. Because they have created special software that models throats, allowing animal calls to be defined by the shape and sizes of their bodies. Every planet’s soundscape is unique.

Animals may attack you

  • Killing is not always a best option. If Sentinels see you kill a creature they’ll attack you. It’s often best to try to scare creatures or run away, and preserve the natural balance of the planet.
No Man's Sky, Underwater

Animals follow daily routines

  • You must know already No Man Sky has weather effect either day or night phase. So do as animal in every planet. So much various same as like their activity. They will go down to bodies of water to drink and sleep at night, while others will only come out at dark.

Some animals hunt others

  • Don't worry, you as human player is not on top food chain and either the lowest one. Just exactly same like monsters you’ll see food chains in action, with species being predated by others. You can use this opportunity to sneak behind them or waiting them injured.

Units are the universe’s currency

  • You’ll earn Units for many things: selling resources at trading posts, shooting down pirates, uploading discoveries to the Atlas.

Market prices for resources vary

  • You might find lucrative trade routes, mining in one system and selling in another. It might be worth investing in a ship with lots of cargo space to take full advantage.

Space is busy with trade convoys

  • Freighters, led by capital ships, steadily travel along trade routes, sending ships down to trading posts as they go. You can choose to attack them and steal their resources, but you’ll find them heavily defended, and pirates might have the same idea…
No Man's Sky, Purple Space

Resources aren’t just for trading

  • You’ll need them to craft technologies into upgrades. The rarest resources can only be found in certain types of system.

Efficient mining requires certain upgrades

  • Your multitool can always destroy resource crystals, but you’ll need to upgrade it to mine resources held in harder rock. Perhaps there are technologies that will provide greater yields…

It has amazing music

  • 65daysofstatic are Sean’s favourite band, and they’re making No Man’s Sky’s soundtrack album. We are incredibly excited about this.

Held a concert at PlayStation Experience

  • 65daysofstatic came to Las Vegas with us and played a concert. It was incredible. Watch it here, you can start to minute 6.50 to see gameplay :

The music will be procedural

  • 65daysofstatic’s soundtrack will be used to generate procedural music that’s influenced by where you are and what you’re doing. Full songs will play at specific points, but we’ll leave it to you to discover when and why…

No Man’s Sky was inspired by classic sci-fi

  • Especially those amazing, vibrant book covers, which presented a vision of a future that wasn’t grim and in which technology and exploration were points of hope.

Four people built what we showed for the announcement

  • Since then, the No Man’s Sky team has grown, but only a little, to 13 people. We like it real small.

That's all some awesome features about No Man Sky that has been revealed. Just looking at their amazingness making our heart beat faster and more eagerly this game for coming. Highly anticipated is not a word anymore. Whole brand new of gaming generation, again appeared before us in No Man Sky.

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