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Name       Darkscape
Platform : PC
Genre       : RPG, Online

DarkScape is a newly-released sandbox MMORPG based on the 14-year-old game RuneScape(which currently has almost 250 million registered accounts), bringing about a hardcore gaming experience, including PvP everywhere and full looting on death. As a variant of RuneScape which features an open PvP environment everywhere. There are no safe areas, and it is multi-combat everywhere. Furthermore, there is only Legacy Mode combat.

All content is available to both free-to-play and pay-to-play players; however, members gain 50% more experience, have double bank space, and keep 1 more item when dying. The use of Treasure Hunter, and other features are disabled. Guards wander the world and will attack anyone who has a skull.

Disabled Features :

The following RuneScape features are disabled in DarkScape:

  • Dungeoneering
  • Clan Citadels
  • Item Lending
  • Money pouch
  • Treasure Hunter and overrides
Resources have also been removed/disabled in certain areas. More beneficial resources, such as sharks oryew trees, can be found in dangerous areas such as the Wilderness. This also includes monsters, such as Grotworms.

Risk level

Each area also has its own Grand Exchange. Each area's Grand Exchange is unconnected, items sold in a grand exchange in low threat area can only be bought by other players in low threat areas. Because of this, prices of various items also varies from one region to another.There are certain tiers of areas in the world: low, medium, and high threat. In each area, there is a risk level, which means that players are only able to attack other players within a certain level of their combat level. The higher the risk of the area, the larger the risk level, with some areas having no risk level.


The Bank 
system in DarkScape is considerably different from the main RuneScape bank. Banks contain 3 static tabs for each of the three risk areas. Each of these tabs items can only be accessed in their respective threat area. Players wishing to transfer resources between regions must do so by either buying them from the Grand Exchange in that region or alternatively by carrying the resources across regions in their inventory and risk getting attacked by other players.

Full-Loot Gaming

DarkScape is a “full-loot” MMORPG, that's mean if your character died, everything on you are dropped to the ground, whether you were hunting monsters or fighting against another player. Darkscape will train you how to play real MMORPG world, you must carefully and think before act. You can gain everything in Darkscape but you can lose all of it if you made wrong mistakes. Playing smart is really needed to get powerful in Darkscape. There are level difference blocks when it comes to PvP, which starts to increase rapidly as you move away from major settlements and is removed entirely when venturing to the most dangerous areas.

Hardcore Features

Some people take Full-Loot features is inhuman, don't worry because there is more challenging features that will make you play more fun like :

• The inability to teleport anywhere while holding items, leading to dangerous travel from one area to another, as it all has to be done on foot
• Everyone starts at level 1, and stats on gear start getting diminishing returns after level 75
• There are three different regions, each denoting their own risk level (low, medium, and high), which each come with their own Grand Exchange and Bank, which has limited space. Along with this, the risk level also affects how lucrative the area is, as well as the content itself (with the best being in the high-risk area)

All of these tie together to help limit the ability to store a lot of items, as well as force players to keep going out in the wild. Do note that some towns have guards that will attack “red-skulled” players, but past that, it’s pretty much all open for ravaging.

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