#2 Legendary Best RPG Series that Keep Entertain Us Until Now

We do know a game that keep releasing series again and again that is not just an average game. That must be a game that succeed from previous sequel. The strong, amazing, fun gameplay on any game definitely will make that game famous. That is exactly what it takes to survive in the world of gaming. These game are so amazing that even could standing in a several years until now. Maybe the list will recall your long lost rpg game.
Most gamer will know these game, here we are unleashed legendary game :

Fable Series

Fable I 2004 to 2015 Fable Legend

Fablebox.jpg Fable Legends.jpg

Fable series you will definitely fall in love if you playing from the first one. Fable is action RPG game, their stories will give you amazing expression. In the game don't ever take an item on village house or you will be chased by guard. Killing people also available but forbidden if you want to play it right. Fables consist 7 series with the latest became online on 2015.

Dragon Quest Series

Dragon Quest 1986 to 2015 Theathrythm Dragon Quest

Dragon Warrior.jpg Theatrhythm Dragon Quest cover art.jpg

Dragon Quest series is turn based rpg video game with their characteristic *slime* monster always appeared in every of dragon quest games. There is one dragon quest game that became online in action hack n slash gameplay. Dragon Quest series is also diffult rpg game, their older series need to be focused finding map pieces. Dragon Quest consist 10 series and other series exclude online version.

Kingdom Hearts Series

Kingdom Heart I 2002 to 2016 Kingdom Heart 3

Artwork of a vertical rectangular box. Five people with weapons stand and sit atop a building ledge. A night sky with a heart-shaped moon is in the background. The words "PlayStation 2" and "Kingdom Hearts" are in the top left corner. KingdomHearts3-logo.jpg

Kingdom Hearts series is action video game involved between Square Enix merging with Disney character. Big success for both of them get the idea mixing whole different culture into one. The hero keyholder Sora will be soon appeared on the third sequel which really anticipated by KH fans. Kingdom Hearts consist 12 series.

Might and Magic Series

Might and Magic 1986 to Might and Magic X Legacy

M&MI.jpg Might & Magic X Legacy cover.jpg

Might and magic is a rpg game. First series unique gameplay of might and magic attract many gamers with positive rate which made it popular. You will be spending a lot of time to finishing one of their series. But it's worth it and really addicting to play. Might and Magic consist 10 series.

Xeno Series

Xenogears 1998 to 2015 Xenoblade Chronicles

Xenogears box.jpg 

Xeno series first well known as Xenogears , one of great rpg game with their characteristic not far from "GEARS" helping heroes to accomplish journey ahead. No boys doesn't love a game with robot or cyborg inside the game. Beautiful stories coloring xeno series, after 17 years xeno series release their online game Xenoblade Chronicles X. Xeno consist 6 series including other episodic from xenosaga also other series from xenoblade.

Disgaea Series

Disgaea Hour of Darkness 2003 to 2015 Disgaea 5 Alliance of Vengeance

Disgaea Hour of Darkness.jpg 

Disgaea famous rpg strategy game story about descendant of a demon child from times to times. Recruiting demons and spirits to fight beside him. This game characteristic is definitely at technique or skill abilities that so cool with combos. Icon of disgaea : prinny, penguin of the lost soul. Disgaea consist of 14 series include two of them spin -off.

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