Villager & Heroes Reborn

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Name       Villager & Heroes Reborn
Released : June 8 2012
Platform : PC
Genre       : MMORPG

Villagers & Heroes: Reborn is a massive, free expansion containing a wealth of new content, updates and features to the original V&H game. Take a look below at all the exciting updates - more and more will be revealed in the next few weeks on their original site : Villager & Heroes Reborn

Player has their own free will to be who you truly want with the all-new Character Creation of Villagers & Heroes: Reborn with a completely revamped way to define who you want to be in the game, Reborn offers a huge amount of personality and replayability. Check out just a number of ways you can customize your characters:

Choose your background :

Tweak every detail of your character! Choose between a huge amount of appereances and nine distinct personalities - everything weaves into a dynamic backstory that evolves as your character does, with endless outcomes.

Choose your realm :

Follow the legacy of your ancestors! Your realm of origin shapes your character's backstory, gives you different equipment in the game, and changes how you appear to others. All of the Seven Realms are yours to choose from:

Customize your own hero :

Excel at anything! Become a strong warrior, a powerful wizard, an agile hunter or a wise priest - and specialize yourself further by choosing starting gear that lets you focus your class into one of eight distinct paths:

Create your own Villager :

Craft your future! Start out as an amazing fisher, a brilliant cook, a proficient smith or anything else you desire - and decide how you want to live by choosing a house theme. Here are just a few examples of ways you can improve your character from the beginning:

World of Villager & Heroes Reborn :

Welcome to Ethos Island! Uncover the secrets of this exotic land in an immersive new storyline where challenging quests will take players into five new regions, each area filled with countless locations to explore, dangerous foes to battle, and a dark mystery in need of solving.

Uncover the mystery

A mysterious villain. An insidious spell. Time is running out for the citizens of Summer’s Hollow!

A hero is needed, someone with the bravery and the smarts to unravel a beguiling whodunit.

Be that hero, and embark upon a series of challenging quests, rich with lore and rife with danger. Unmask and defeat the evil being who is terrorizing the land, and save the townspeople before it is too late. 

Ethos IslandSummer’s 

Hollow, a bustling town of trade and merriment, is the beating heart of the island, though many adore the tranquil scenery of nearby Gandymeade Grove. But it is to the town that people flock, especially now, when the lavish yearly festival is in full swing. Many hope to catch a glimpse of the most famous actress in all of the Seven Realms, Ms. Clementine DeClancy.

Lower Ethos Island

Golden meadows, a lush fen, and expansive farmlands abound. But the dedicated homesteaders of this peaceful region are now in a state of hysteria, fearful that the villain known only as ‘The Malicious Miscreant’ will destroy all they have worked for, and inflict the darkness of the Shadow Years upon the world again.

Cronk Island

A foul chunk of diseased rock, inhabited only by ghastly beasts and deranged outcasts. But this place of whispers and screams harbors a vital secret, one well shrouded with time. It will take a truly courageous hero to unlock the mysteries of so abhorrent an island.

Briny Caverns

This maze of watery tunnels and mossy caves where emerald waterfalls and eerie wonders abound, is home to both creatures of light and of the dark. It is a ghostly boat which will aid those in need of answers, but to where it sails, few have returned from.

Finding Resources

At the heart of the new system are supplies - natural supplies which, when used together with a gathering tool, will make you gather faster and find better materials. There are four kinds of supplies, one for each gathering skill: 

Resources are found as you gather - gathering one kind of resource gives you the supplies you need to gather another. Fishing Worms, for instance, can be found by searching for bugs, which in turn uses Nectar that can be found while harvesting plants. In addition to this, sometimes you find supplies for the kind of gathering you are currently doing - so you may also find Fishing Worms by fishing, Nectar while collecting bugs, and so on. See how it works for each skill below!

Trade and exchange Resources

Superior and Premium supplies are always tradeable with other players. Common supplies are not, but they can still be traded with certain NPCs - the Coterie of Gatherers, or C.O.G. for short. There are several kinds of C.O.G. members - take a look at all of them below!

New User Interface

The UI of Reborn has been redesigned from the ground up, retailored to provide a faster and more immersive experience. Below can be seen just a few examples of redesigned areas of the UI, and how they make the game easier and more fun to play.

Know anything

Find all the information on your character in one place with the new Character window!
Check on your stats, your talents, your equipment and your skills - even your personal biography - all in a single spot. And there's more! Apart from bringing everything together, there are also far more stats shown, color coding of equipped items, undoable talents, better tracking of skill levels, and much more.

Find anything

Manage your items and equipment easier than ever before! Reborn's redesigned inventory now color codes all your items.
Can't find that enormously rare sword you found yesterday? It's easily located! Looking for all your less valuable items? Easy to sort out!
The inventory is also larger in size, increasing the space between item slots and making it easier to select just the item you want.

Track anything

Reborn features a completely new Logbook to track your quests - no longer will you have to scroll through an endlessly long list to find the quest you need!
Quest can now be sorted and filtered however you wish. View only main quests, hide completed quests, sort quests alphabetically - and much more. There is also much more space to read quest descriptions, making it much easier to browse through large, complex quests.

Make anything

Crafting is made much easier with a new, redesigned crafting window. Sort based on only specific classes, filter by min and max level, and see more information about what you want to craft.

The new crafting window also makes it much easier to choose exactly the amount of items you want to craft with a new, far more precise slider.


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