Trove Online

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Name       Trove Online
Payment : Free To Play
Platform : PC
Genre       : Action, RPG, Online Game

Trove Online is action adventure pixel 3D graphic role playing online game. Feel the fantastic of Trove large world full of pixel graphic. Start your journey as you like, wanted to be honorable knight, fearless ranger, great sage, or anything you like. Adventure in Trove large world can be fun in Air or Sea. In Trove there is ton of quests, chests, and enemies great and small. It’s a potent, cube-shaped brew of RPG features combined with the thrill of exploring procedurally generated worlds and the unlimited creative freedom to build your own. Before going anywhere you must be curious of classes available on Trove, don't worry there is so much choice available :

Tomb Raiser

Steal health from foes to fortify your macabre minions! Or sacrifice your skeletal subordinates to create a gargantuan Grave Golem. Either way, this nefarious necromancer is bad to the bone.


The Boomeranger – pronounced Boom-eh-Ranger – is a true jack of all trades. Pick your bow, blade, bomb or boomerang as needed. This class suite you who unable to choose wanted Range or Meele hero, because this one can do both !

Pirate Captain

When ye tire of life as a land lubber, arm yerself with parrot, plunder, and cannon, then set sail as master and commander of the salty seas. His cannon can really do some damage. Sail with his battleship he is professional on sea.

Shadow Hunter

Stalk your prey with a deadly bow, razor-sharp arrows, and a whispering crystal that can see through walls. It’s shadow season, and you’re master of the hunt. Let his bow whispered into your enemies ear.

Ice Sage

Call forth freezing magic, wield wintry powers, and watch as your enemies fall before the Ice Sage’s biting chill. There’s no cooler caster in all of Trove! She is not walking, not because it's tiring but because that is more cooler.

Candy Barbarian

The Candy Barbarian 
is a powerful melee combatant whose sugar-inspired rage fuels a wide variety of special attacks. Don't see his cuteness by his name, trust us he is not that cute when it come into combat.

Neon Ninja

Spread terror from the shadows and the light as a Neon Ninja. Hurl shurikens and backstab foes, then flip away as you drop into stealth! Not strong enough but his agile really annoy enemies. He always took an advantage in any combat battle.


This staff-wielding engine of destruction is armed to the teeth with Draconic magic, infernal might, and one deadly-adorable Dragon sidekick. Fear his staff because it will be the last you see. His destruction flame magic can burn enemies into crisp.

Fae Trickster

A master of illusion (and the ultimate prankster), the Fae Trickster is ready to beguile and charm your foes. To death. There is no more annoying than blink hero. Hard to catch, not easy to get damaged.


When you're armed with six-shooters, serapes, and a rakishly angled hat, the possibilities are nearly endless... and endlessly handsome. Because one gun is not enough and less cooler. With his twin gun he can perform more awesome with style. Beware his awesomeness is deadly.


If you seek truth, justice, and a finely chiseled jaw, unsheathe your sword as a stalwart Knight. Gleaming armor and pointed sword have never looked this square. He swore and oath to serve his life to protect or slay. 

Dungeon and Lair Features :

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