Dragon of Legends

Name       Dragon of Legends
Released : Q3 2015
Platform : PC, MOBILE
Genre       : RPG, Online

Dragon of Legends is an action based MMORPG for PC, Mac, and Mobile platforms heavily influenced by the mythic cycle of Gaelic Ireland and Norse mythology, where the lights of faeries border the realms of darkness.

Two alliances have emerged across the continent, both struggling for supremacy over the land and as these great powers battle one another for control of Hávamál – darker forces gather to destroy them. Players from around the world can assume the roles of customizable heroic fantasy characters, and explore a lush 2D retro-inspired world full of mystery, danger, and countless adventure.

Dragon of Legend Story

The ever watchful eternal Dragon has become aware of the darker motivations of Balor the One Eyed and how he has been seduced by Loki’s trickery, and must act accordingly. If Loki is to be set free and Ragnarök actually happened,­ that would be the complete and utter end of the universe. This cannot be allowed to happen. The only logical course of action that the Dragon could think of, was to begin tightening its grip on the world of Hávamál​. Massive continents began to shift closer together, and mass paranoia spread across the land as the world shook and trembled with great force. 

The world, its Gods, and all of its life would be destroyed in the process, but after this grievous act the hourglass of time would reset and the world would begin anew. The Gods pleaded to the Dragon not to let this happen, but it was adamant in its decision. The Dragon revealed that only the race of humans would be able to stop these events, and the world’s fate was in their hands - if Loki was to fall in battle by the hands of a mortal, the Dragon would release its suffocating grip on Hávamál and all would be well once again...


The game has two alliance you can either choose The Norse or The Celts. 
Dragon of Legends has Diverse Class System that mean both of clan has their unique classes and abilities but keep balance for both side there is no stronger class nor abilities, it depends on your own customization and playstyle. 


Pagans and savages of the most unrestrained and pitiless type, these sea raiders are renowned for their fearlessness in battle and refusal to surrender.

Their skilled smiths produce the finest steel in Hávamál.


Fierce warriors and proud and industrious cattle herders, the Celts share a harmonious and magical relationship with the natural world.

As a proud people, they will gladly fight to protect their cherished traditions and way of life.

Dragon of Legends Book

Story Control

Dragon of Legends had an immersive narrative experience RPG. The story running on the game based on old legends. Choices that you make will have serious ramifications in the game world, and drastically alter your experience based on the decisions you make. Everything you do will be recorded in your own unique journal which can be publicly viewable. Such example you chose decision that make you bad by slay the fierce giants guarding Dagda’s Tomb Or maybe you are being a good boy by stay your allies and slaughtered them all in cold blood.

Game Features :

Engaging Action Based Combat: Dragon of Legends utilizes a familiar action based combat system that will require players to aim their attacks and strike with precision. There’s no tab based targeting or passive point, click, and wait combat mechanics here. All actions unfold in real time, rewarding players with skill and quick reflexes. Our dedicated servers will host an ever-evolving persistent world rich with lore and content to explore, providing countless hours of engaging skill based entertainment.

Cohesive Story and Engrossing World: The lands of Hávamál​ are torn apart by battling factions focused on their own cultural preservation, while an unimaginable evil gathers in the distance to destroy them. Immersion is an essential part of the role playing experience, and we are striving to make this an unforgettable journey. Time and care has been spent by our team to craft a world full of mysteries with legendary adventures and epic quests to complete. The creation of races, factions, creatures, and architecture is based on real mythology and history to ensure each race has their own unique defining characteristics, housing, villages, dialects, and civilizations. Our writers will be crafting stories for each individual non-player character to ensure they have unique backgrounds, histories, and purpose for existing in the game world.

Cross-platform multiplayer functionality: Players will be able to complete epic quests, interact with thousands of other players from around the world, and team up with other brave souls to defeat the most challenging boss fights and complicated puzzles. Players will have the freedom to compete against their peers in arenas, as well as massive open world battlefields allowing for intense player versus player combat.

User Generated Content: Players will have the ability to customize many facets of Dragon of Legends; from creating their own unique character, to shaping the game world around them. By providing users with the tools and support to create their own unique content, players will be able to create their own custom designed levels, and share their own unique stories online with a large community of active gamers.

Screenshots :

Dragon of Legends

Dragon of Legends

Dragon of Legends

Dragon of Legends

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