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Elder Scroll Online Classes Guide :


Class Trailer :

The Dragonknight, like all classes, has 3 unique skill lines only available for Dragonknights; Ardent Flame, Draconic Power and Earthen Heart. Each of these abilities are more suited to specific roles. For example, Draconic Power is more suited towards survivability, while Ardent Flame is more suited towards dealing damage. The arrows are used to signify an ability's morph choices e.g. one morph choice for Fiery Grip, is Empowering Chains.


Ardent Flame

  • Fiery Grip -> Empowering Chains / Extended Chains
  • Searing Strike -> Unstable Flame / Burning Embers
  • Fiery Breath -> Burning Breath / Engulfing Flames
  • Lava Whip -> Molten Whip / Flame Lash
  • Inferno -> Flames of Oblivion / Sea of Flames
  • ULTIMATE ABILITY : Dragonknight Standard -> Shifting Standard / Standard of Might
  • Kindling
  • Warmth
  • Searing Heat
  • World in Flame
  • Draconic PowerEdit
Draconic Power

  • Spiked Armor -> Razor Armor / Volatile Armor
  • Dark Talons -> Choking Talons / Burning Talons
  • Dragon Blood -> Green Dragon Blood / Coagulating Blood
  • Reflective Scale -> Reflective Plate / Dragon Fire Scale
  • Inhale -> Deep Breath / Draw Essence
  • ULTIMATE ABILITY: Dragon Leap -> Take Flight / Ferocious Leap
  • Iron Skin
  • Burning Heart
  • Elder Dragon
  • Scaled Armor
Earthen Heart

  • Stonefist -> Stone Giant / Obsidian Shard
  • Molten Weapons -> Igneous Weapons / Molten Armaments
  • Obsidian Shield -> Igneous Shield / Fragmented Shield
  • Petrify -> Fossilize / Shattering Rocks
  • Ash Cloud -> Cinder Storm / Eruption
  • ULTIMATE ABILITY: Magma Armor -> Magma Shell / Corrosive Armor
  • Eternal Mountain
  • Battle Roar
  • Mountain's Blessing
  • Helping Hands


Class Trailer :

The Sorcerer is one of four playable classes in The Elder Scrolls Online. It is the only class capable of summoning combat pets and teleporting.
Sorcerers are more suited for dealing high amounts of damage, rather than survivability. Sorcerer attacks are generally lightning based.


Storm Calling (Damage Dealing)

  • ULTIMATE: Overload
  • Mage's Fury
  • Lightning Form
  • Lightning Splash
  • Surge
  • Bolt Escape
  • Capacitor
  • Energized
  • Disintegrate
  • Expert Mage

Dark Magic (Crowd Control / Damage Dealing)

  • ULTIMATE: Negate Magic
  • Crystal Shard
  • Encase
  • Rune Prison
  • Dark Exchange
  • Daedric Mines
  • Unholy Knowledge
  • Blood Magic
  • Persistence
  • Exploitation

Daedric Summoning (Damage Dealing / Summoning)

  • ULTIMATE: Summon Storm Atronach
  • Unstable Familiar
  • Daedric Curse
  • Summon Winged Twilight
  • Bound Armor
  • Conjured Ward
  • Rebate
  • Power Stone
  • Daedric Protection
  • Expert Summoner


Class Trailer :

The Nightblade is one of four playable classes in The Elder Scrolls Online. It is a class more suited for stealth and surprise attacks rather than survivability. Although, they do feature health-draining abilities.



  • Ultimate Abilities
    Death Stroke: Deals __ damage while reducing healing received by __%. Damage increases as player's Ultimate charge increases, up to __%.
  • Assassin's Blade: Deals __ Magic damage. Low Health targets take __% additional damage.
  • Teleport Strike: Player moves through the shadows, appearing next to the target. Deals __ Magic damage to enemies and stuns monsters for __ seconds.
  • Blur: Enemies have a __% miss chance when attacking you, for __ seconds. Unlocks at Assassination Rank 20
  • Mark Target: Marks a target for death. Player's attacks ignore __% of target's Armor and Spell Resistance, and target's attacks ignore __% of player's Armor and Spell Resistance. Killing a marked target restores player's health by __%. Unlocks at Assassination Rank 30
  • Haste: For __ seconds, increased attack speed with light and heavy attacks by __%. Unlocks at Assassination Rank 42
  • Master Assassin: WHILE USING ASSASSINATION ABILITIES, Increases Weapon Damage while using Invisibility or Stealth by __%. Successful crouched attacks stun for a longer duration.
  • Executioner: Killing an enemy with an Assassination ability restores __ Magicka over __ seconds. Unlocks at Assassination Rank 14
  • Pressure Points: WITH AN ASSASSINATION ABILITY SLOTTED, Increases Critical Strike rating by __% for each Assassination ability slotted. Unlocks at Assassination Rank 22
  • Hemorrhage: WITH AN ASSASSINATION ABILITY SLOTTED, Increase bonus Critical Strike damage by __%.Unlocks at Assassination Rank 39

  • Ultimate Abilities
    Consuming Darkness: Creates an area of darkness for __ seconds. Enemies in this area are snared __%. Nearby allies take __% less damage and caster gains an additional __% of this value. Grants allies in the area Slip Away, granting them invisibility. Unlocked at Shadow Rank 12
  • Shadow Cloak: Gives player invisibility for __ seconds.
  • Veiled Strike: Deals __ Magic damage. If stealthed, attack sets enemy off balance and stuns them for __ seconds.
  • Path of Darkness: Enemy targets in front of player take __ Magic damage every second for __ seconds. Paths may only be seen by player and increases movement speed __% for duration. Unlocked at Shadow Rank 20
  • Aspect of Terror: Induces fear in 2 nearby enemies for __ seconds. 'Unlocked at Shadow Rank 30
  • Summon Shade: Summons a shade to attack target enemy for __ seconds. Attacked enemies deal __% less damage for __ seconds. 'Unlocked at Shadow Rank 42'
  • Refreshing Shadow: WHILE USING SHADOW ABILITIES; Increases Stamina regeneration by __% for __ seconds when a Shadow ability is activated. Unlocked at Shadow Rank 8
  • Shadow Barrier: WHILE USING SHADOW ABILITIES; Increases Armor and Spell Resistance by __ for __ seconds when coming out of Stealth or Invisibility. Unlocked at Shadow Rank 14
  • Fortitude: Increases Max Health per slotted by __% for each Shadow ability slotted. Unlocked at Shadow Rank 22
  • Dark Veil: Increases duration of Shadow abilities by _%. Unlocked at Shadow Rank 39

  • Ultimate AbilitiesSoul Shred: Nearby enemies take __ Magic damage and are stunned for __ seconds. An ally may activate the Soul Leech synergy initiating a high damage life-stealing attack.
  • Strife: Deals __ Magic damage and heals player for __% of damage inflicted, every __ seconds for __ seconds.
  • Agony: Stuns enemy for __ seconds, effect is broken by damage from any source. After effect ends enemy take __ Magic damage over __ seconds.
  • Cripple: Siphons movement speed from enemy and gives it to player while dealing __ Magic damage over __ seconds. Unlocked at Siphoning Rank 20
  • Siphoning Strikes: While toggled, basic weapon attacks restore __% Magicka and Stamina, but reduces Weapon and Spell Damage by __%. __% chance on basic weapon attacks to restore __ Magicka and Stamina. Unlocked at Siphoning Rank 30
  • Drain Power: Debuff the attack power of nearby enemies, transferring a portion of that power to the player for each affected enemy.
  • Catalyst: Increases potion effectiveness.
  • Magicka Flood: Increases maximum magicka when the player has a Siphoning ability slotted.
  • Soul Siphoner: Increases healing taken by Siphoning abilities.
  • Transfer: Gain ultimate when dealing damage with a Siphoning ability.


Class Trailer :

Templar is traveling knights call upon the powers of light and the burning sun to deal massive damage to their enemies while restoring health, magicka, and stamina to their allies.


Aedric Spear

  • Ultimate AbilitiesRadial Sweep: Sweeps a conjured weapon in a deadly arc, dealing Magic damage to all enemies around the player.
  • Puncturing Strikes: A four hit attack dealing chained damage to any foes in front of the player, the final hit knocks back the closest enemy.
  • Biting Jabs (Morph Ability): Adds Critical Hit chance to low health enemies.
  • Puncturing Sweep (Morph Ability): Damage dealt in a larger cone.
  • Piercing Javelin: Hurls a spear, dealing damage and knocking the target backwards.
  • Aurora Javelin (Morph Ability): Damage increased based on distance to target.
  • Binding Javelin (Morph Ability): Increased knockdown duration.
  • Focused Charge: Charges to an enemy, interrupting and stunning while dealing Magic damage.
  • Explosive Charge (Morph Ability): Deals damage to all enemies at the point of impact.
  • Toppling Charge (Morph Ability): Enemy will be stunned on impact.
  • Spear Shards: Deals Magic damage to all enemies in a target area. One target is disoriented for a short duration. Allies may pick up shards granting them a Stamina bonus for a short time.
  • Sun Shield: Creates a damage absorption shield with strength based on the player's maximum health, dealing damage to nearby enemies on activation. The shield returns damage and is replenished by a small amount each time it is struck by an enemy. The Templar no longer regenerates Magicka while the shield holds.
  • Piercing Spear: Increases critical strike chance and deals bonus damage to blocking targets when using spear abilities. (2 Ranks)
  • Spear Wall: Increases the amount of Melee damage blocked while the Templar has a spear skill slotted. (2 Ranks)
  • Burning Light: Adds a chance to deal bonus damage when using spear abilities. (2 Ranks)
  • Balanced Warrior: Increases the Templar's weapon damage and spell resistance by a small amount. (2 Ranks)

Dawn's Wrath

  • Ultimate Abilities
    Nova: Calls forth a miniature sun at the targeted location, causing all nearby enemies to deal less damage while taking damage over time. Allies may activate the Supernova synergy, dealing damage and stunning all enemies in the area.
    Solar Prison (Morph Ability): Allies may activate a more powerful synergy ability.
    Solar Disturbance (Morph Ability): Snares enemies standing in the area.
  • Sun Fire: Hurls a white-hot projectile at an enemy, dealing both initial damage and additional damage over time. The target is snared for a short duration.
  • Vampire's Bane (Morph Ability): Deals increased damage over time.
  • Reflective Light (Morph Ability): Affects multiple targets.
  • Solar Flare: Deals damage to the target and any nearby enemies; affected foes takes extra damage from the next attack.
  • Backlash: Stores up incoming damage, when the effect ends nearby enemies each take some base damage plus the full amount of damage taken by the player during the Backlash duration.
  • Eclipse: The player reflects negative single target spells back towards enemy casters. Re-casting the Eclipse spell becomes more expensive for a short time.
  • Blinding Light: Causes all incoming enemy attacks to miss. Sometimes a missed attack causes the attacker to become off-balance.
  • Enduring Rays: Increases the duration of all Dawn's Wrath abilities. (2 Ranks)
  • Prism: Gain additional Ultimate when activating a Dawn's Wrath ability. (2 Ranks)
  • Illuminate: The player takes less incoming damage from enemies which are affected by your Dawn's Wrath abilities. (2 Ranks)
  • Restoring Spirit: Restores a small amount of Magicka when activating an ability. (2 Ranks)
Restoring Light

  • Ultimate AbilitiesRite of Passage: Heals nearby allies for 11 every 0.5 seconds for 4 seconds. You cannot move while channeling this ability. Unlock at Restoring Light Rank 12.
    Remembrance (Morph Ability): Allies take less damage.
    Practiced Incantation (Morph Ability): Increases channel duration.
  • Rushed Ceremony: Heals nearby wounded ally for 33.
  • Honor The Dead (Morph Ability): Restores Magicka when healing low health allies.
  • Breath of Life (Morph Ability): Heals up to 3 targets.
  • Healing Ritual: Heals nearby allies for 22. Heal self for an additional 30%. Unlock at Restoring Light rank 4.
  • Ritual of Rebirth (Morph Ability): Has reduced cast time.
  • Lingering Ritual (Morph Ability): Additional healing after 8 seconds.
  • Restoring Aura: Increase Stamina and health regeneration by 15% while slotted. When activated, increase the Health and Stamina regeneration of nearby allies by 80% for 6 seconds. Unlock at Restoring Light rank 20.
  • Cleansing Ritual: Instantly removes a negative effect from self. Over 12 seconds, heals nearby allies for 2 every 2 seconds. Allies in range may activate Purify, removing all negative effects and healing for 16. Unlock at Restoring Light rank 30.
  • Rune Focus: Creates an area of self protection for 12 seconds, increasing Armor and Spell Resistance. Unlock at Restoring Light rank 42.

  • Mending: Increases Critical Heal chance on allies, Critical Strike chance increases the more Health an ally is missing. (2 Ranks)
  • Focused Healing: Increases healing power by 15% to allies standing in an area of protection created by Rite of Passage, Cleansing Ritual, or Rune Focus. (2 Ranks)
  • Light Weaver: Increases duration of Restoring Aura, Healing Ritual grants additional Ultimate, adds Armor and Spell Resistance while channeling Rite of Passage. (2 Ranks)
  • Master Ritualist: Increases Resurrection speed by 20%. Affected allies resurrect with 50% more Health. 50% chance to gain a soul gem upon successful resurrection. (2 Ranks)


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