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Elder Scroll Faction :


Aldmeri Dominion

Members :


The High Elves, or Altmer, arrived in Tamriel thousands of years ago from Old Aldmeris. They see themselves as the ruling race of Tamriel. They are a highly cultured people, known for their breathtaking architecture and massive libraries of histories and creative works. They tend to be isolationists, largely remaining on Summerset Isle, and only emerging when they perceive a great threat to their homeland. They are powerful mages and warriors, and the de facto leaders of the Aldmeri Dominion.
The Aldmeri Dominion has adopted as its symbol the eagle sigil of the High Elves of Summerset. For the Altmer, the high-soaring eagle represents their ancestors the Aedra, who came from the heavens and were trapped in physical form by the creation of Nirn.


The Wood Elves, or Bosmer, are mischievous, curious and nimble. Because their homeland of Valenwood is often attacked by the Colovian Imperials, Wood Elves are experts at the art of defense. They are also gifted archers, perhaps the best in all of Tamriel.
The Bosmeri symbol represents the Green Pact with Y'ffre the Forest Deity.


The population of the proud feline Khajiit has dwindled in recent years following a devastating outbreak of Knahaten Flu. They owe a great debt to Ayrenn, Queen of the High Elves, for her help in restoring order from the chaos that followed the plague. They have a wry wit and a hedonistic outlook, but they are fearsome on the field of battle. They are the strong arm of the Aldmeri Dominion.


Daggerfall Covenant

Members :


The dominant race of the Daggerfall Covenant, they were once ruled by High Elven overlords after they were discovered to be descended from both Men and Mer before becoming the dominant race in the region of High Rock and edging the Elves out. A reminder of those days is the Mer blood that still runs through their veins. This makes Bretons gifted mages, surpassing the ability of any other race of Men. Described as talented and resourceful, and having a similar focus on honor in battle, the Covenant is often ruthless in the defeat of enemies that threaten their people's prosperity, Bretons are known as skilled craftsmen, shrewd merchants and inventive mages and the race are also famed for their Knights. They value prosperity over glory in battle and are led by High King Emeric from their capital of Wayrest.
Their symbol represents the Lion, the crest of the Daggerfall Covenant.


Living deep within and around the Alik'r desert, Redguards are renowned warriors, both athletic and prodigiously talented. They value honor and dignity above all else; their sacred purpose is to preserve their ancient traditions and prove their strength and prowess, surviving in the harsh environment. Mages are highly distrusted in their society. The capital of the Redguards is the great city of Sentinel, from where they are led by King Fahara'jad.
Their symbol represents the Redguards' skill with blades and battle.


Orcs are fearless warriors, who follow a code of honor, forged in centuries of endless warfare. The quality of Orcish blacksmithery is known throughout Tamriel.

During the Second Era, when their homeland, Orsinium, was finally given provincial status, they had to prove themselves to be more than mere savage beasts. And the Orcs did so by devoting themselves to the newly forged Covenant. They are led by King Kurog gro-Orsinium from their capital of Orsinium.


Ebonheart Pact

Online ebonheart crest

Members :


The leading race of The Ebonheart Pact. They were known as the great conquerors. Nords once broke the power of the Ayleids, nearly drove the Altmer out of High Rock and ruled much of Morrowind before the arrival of the Dunmer.

They believe themselves to be the destined rulers of Tamriel. Nords are amongst the fiercest warriors on the continent, facing their enemies with unmatched ferocity and courage.
Their symbol represents the Dragon, the great winged children of Akatosh who were once worshipped by the Nords and are the original users of the thu'um which has been the greatest tool of war in Nordic history.


Known for their application of diplomacy, subterfuge and strategic ability, The Dunmer have had a long history of defending against provincial invasions. This had made them a very paranoid collective, and their culture learned to embrace this mind-set. The Dunmer are led by the living gods of the Tribunal.

Not all of the Dunmer agreed to set aside their old hatreds for the Argonians for the sake of the Ebonheart Pact, with House Telvanni being a prominent example.The Dunmer crest symbolizing three members of the Tribunal.


Famous for employing guerrilla warfare, Argonians had suffered years of slavery at the hands of the Dunmer. After being freed from their slavery, their experiences made them skilled in defending their borders from much larger forces.
Known for their ability to survive underwater and their unique scavenger skills, Argonians served as the scouts and skirmishers of the Pact.

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