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The Order of Holy Grail is dungeon turn based role playing game on mobile game. For game detail and download here: The Order of Holy Grail. Trust us, if you love turn based dungeon role playing game you will like this one. Because this game is really addicting game without energy or something to play. You can use automatic battle in the dungeon, so you don't need to worry about playing often. Now we will give you a guide about this game.

This game total of floor is up to 75th.

Party Set :

In the order of holy grail, there are 12 different character with two same class :
Fighter : Amelia & Bolton
Cleric : Tristan & Claudia 
Thief : Juriy & Ayame
Guard : Leon & Feeney 
Mage : Cath & Duggard
Hunter : Delphina & Carlos

Party set you need to form a team in 5 people max.

Front Row : all characters in front row given pure attack and pure defense.
Back Row : all characters in front row less damage attack, if you wanted less damage received you need 1 Knight class in front row. If the knight dies the effect will worn off.

You must pick your character classes carefully here,
we recommended 1 Fighter class in front row, 1 Guard class in front row, 1 Thief class in front row, 1 Cleric in back row, and 1 Mage in back row. Various classes will bring you benefit in dungeon.

About Classes :

Classes is divide into 5 Class

Fighter is damage dealer class type which given more damage and have abilities to break enemies health point fast. 
Good : Sword weapon type and Gauntlet armor.

Cleric is supportive class type which has weak health point and defense but their skills is really important for your team survival in the dungeon.
Good : Mace weapon type and Mail armor.

Hunter is damage dealer range class type which has weak health point and defense but really good positioned on back row.
Good : Bow weapon type and Legging armor

Thief is technique class type which has weak defense, attack and health point but great with technique abilities, make you easier to pass traps and unlocking treasure chest.
Good : Dagger weapon type and Legging armor.

Guard is protector class type which has high health point and defense but lack on attack damage and technique, this class really helpful for fighting bosses by absorbing deadly attack.
Good : Flail/Mace weapon type and Helmet/Shield/Breastplate armor.

Beginner Guide:

First time you play, you will only have 2 characters.
Amelia as a Fighter (equipment guide see classes above).
Juriy as a Thief (equipment guide see classes above).
It will be a little bit difficult at first time play,
you need going to play on dungeon by pick entrance floor,
after finishing first floor you need to quit dungeon and repeat after you get good weapon and armor to get going on the next floor until 4th floor. Because if you die, all gold and items you had will be gone.

After you clear 4th floor your quest will be accomplished, you will get Leon new guard character to help your journey on dungeon, make sure to invite new member into party in front row and give it proper equipment (equipment guide see classes above).

Before going on into dungeon again:

You need to hit Knights Base first to report new item you received.
Klaus will give you medals to increase the number of uses healing (+1 you potion capacity) or increase the HP restoration capacity (+5hp healing effect potion). You need to report it often after you finished on dungeon.

Check all items you got, wear higher quality equipment to make your character stronger:
item quality is : Common > Uncommon > Rare > S.Rare > Legend.
Selling all unused items to Nina's Stores and make sure to sell Ingot to give you marvellous gold amount.

If you have gold you need to levelling up your character at Zordan's Training Area,
your character status will raised to help you survive longer in dungeon.

Keep in touch on temple every time you are going into dungeon hunt, it will raise your luck to find rare items or even legend. Items is the key in this game, not just because strengthen your party combat abilities it's also required for Klaus Knight Base to raise your Potion effect and amount.

Dungeon Hunt :

Each time you are going on into dungeon you will need to hit The Temple of Luck and choose Big Luck Player, it requires some gold but it will worth it. 
Enter the dungeon from entrance floor and make your combat battle mode is full automatic, but we recommend this if you have touch at least until 8th floor, so you won't waste your gold. Going into dungeon and repeat the floor until your strong enough to face higher floor.

Needed for Survival :

You must maxed your team into 5 character,
Invite character party into dungeon with 3 Front row ( Fighter, Guard, Cleric) and 2 Front row (Mage,Hunter) format position.

Make you 2 character wearing healing accessories such magic stone. We recommend to wear magic stone that heal entire party health point each time you finished a floor. It will make you easier to survive in dungeon passing multiple floor without going back.

Best Character and Best Party Member:

Damage Dealer best character is claimed by Ayame (Thief) and Duggard (Mage)
they both must included in your team positioned on Back Row.
Equip them both with full of attack weapon, armor, and accessories.
  • Make Ayame wear weapon like Gae Bolg-weapon  (raise ATK DMG & DEF) that used for all classes good for back row, Gauntlet as armor (raise ATK DMG & DEF), and Ring of Berserker as accessory (raise HI ATK DMG but -DEF). Her abilitiy can slash enemy twice of her damage.
  • Make Duggard wear his Rod weapon  (raise ATK DMG -HP)that used only for mage with great damage effect, Globe as armor (raise ATK DMG & DEF), and Ring of the Berserker as accessory (raise ATK DMG -DEF). His ability can deal a great damage on enemy based on his ATK damage.
Tanker best character is claimed by Fenney (Guard), she must be on Front Row position.
Equip her with full of defense and health point equipment.
  • Make Fenney wear weapon with full attacks on her like Claymore (raise ATK DMG) so she will be useful for attacker because wear her Helmet as armor (raise DEF & HP), and protection and vitality as accessory (raise DEF & HP) already make her high with def and health point. Her ability is to make your team stronger.
Support best character is claimed by Claudia (Cleric), put her on Front Row position, don't worry she is tough one.
  • Make Claudia wear weapon with full attacks without worrying her on TECH status, you can equip her with Axe (raise ATK DMG -TEC )weapon type so she can deal damage too, Plate as Armor (raise HI DEF), and Magic stone soul sucking as accessory (recover HP). Her healing for all team member ability is the best and really helpful.
Item Finder best character is claimed by Carlos (Hunter), you must put him on very first team member on party so his ability can worked properly put him in the middle on Front Row Position.
  • Make Carlos wear weapon Dagger as his weapon (raise ATK DMG & TEC), leggings as his armor (raise DEF & TEC), and dexterity & power as his accessory (raise ATK DMG & TEC). His ability can doubled unlocked treasure chest which is really helpful to find rare or legendary items.

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