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Welcome to our humble simple guide, see game detail first : Dungeon Rush
now we will give you simple guide for Dungeon Rush card battle online mobile game.
But before going into guide, we decided to make this guide because we fall in love with this game. This game is not really popular, but strangely we got addicted and playing over a month. why ? maybe you must taste it on your own. We can assurely you will love it.

Dungeon Rush - screenshotDungeon Rush - screenshot

First thing in Dungeon Rush, you will be given free Rare Card (Purple) randomly and other card (Blue) :

Card Level from weak into strong 
Every card heroes have various abilities based on rarity:
* Blue (Normal) have 1 skill
* Gold (Rare) have 1 skills
* Purple (Very Rare) have 2 skills
* Green (Unique) have 3 skills
* Red (Legendary) have 4 skills

Card Type, every card heroes have their own type, such as :
* Damage, has best higher damage dealer
* Defense, has best armor and health point
* Control, has important abilities, either to support your other cards, damaging multiple enemies, or disabling enemies.
* Material, required to raised your card heroes limit.

You need rare card to get stronger, 
every card has their own level limit.
every card limit can be raised 4 times.
every limit raised gained addition status, unlock skills and 5 level limit.

Faction & Element, every card has their own faction useful for strong and weakness :
* Forest, Strong vs Evil
* Evil, Strong vs Bastion
* Bastion, Strong vs Chaos
* Chaos, Strong vs Forest
* Darkness, Strong vs Light
* Forest, Light, Bastion, Strong vs Darkness, Chaos, Evil

Combat, in combat you can put 6 cards maximum for battle on stages.
Be aware of formation, this is the only tactic will make your combat battle effective.
Dungeon Rush combat has Line system, 
Two Front Row get attacked first until dies.
Four Back Row guarded by Front Row.
You must put Defense type on Front Line so they will hold enemies attack except for Control type abilities (some has area damage type). Then you can put Control or Damage type in Back Row to do some damage or disturbing stuff on enemies.

Stages, Dungeon Rush has several stages in Campaign menu,
every stages completed will unlock auto-farm system so you can automatically hunting even exit the game.It will give you random drop from enemies, but please aware, auto-hunting idle maximum 12 hours then stopped.

Hero Training, if you wanted to leveling up your card heroes, then you can put them in slot. Each minute will give your card heroes extra experience, Slot will unlocked based on your main level.

Marketplace, is a place for hunting random item sales, if you wanted to spending your money in here you are welcome. But we suggest you never buy from Marketplace because you can get anything outside from here.

Casino, to receive random items, contain gold, enchant stone, equipment, forge stone, hero soul, etc. Always spend 3 times roll to finish one of daily quest.

Blacksmith, this is important thing. In Blacksmith you can :
* Upgrade your card equipment from 1 into 5 stars. More higher the stars more powerful your equipment. Each equipment have their own rarity too, make sure use the rarest type.
* Forge mean you can make your own equipment from scroll dropped on stages. It will cost you gold and forge stone. Make sure to create/forge rarest equipment.
* Dismantle is really necessary to receive some Upgrade stone or Forge stone from unneeded equipment.

Tower of Oblivion, after big patch tower of oblivion is changed. Now Tower of Oblivion contain 50 level. Each level you must fight enemies to get further. Always challenge your card team in tower of oblivion because they have great reward. Don't forget to use Smash every 24 hours.

Dungeon Rush - screenshotDungeon Rush - screenshot

Things that you need to do to get stronger without using any in-game purchase items.

* Collecting Crystal :
Reward from login daily is really the best,
Login daily 7 continually login bonus give important rewards,
Spend you time login for Online Rewards,
finish daily quest quick in :
- Speed up auto farm ( One time free per day)
- Enchant any equipment twice
- Lottery 3 times (Received from Login daily)
- Basic summon ( Free every certain hour)
- Heroic summon ( Free every certain hour)
- Collect training experience
- Battle in tower of oblivion
- Participate two times in arena
- Use hand of midas ( Not recommended because it will waste your crystal)

* Spending Crystal :
Crystal is the heart in this game to get stronger in this game, Login daily guide above is necessary for collecting some crystal. Now we will tell you how to spend them wisely, first of all please use crystal only for Champion Summon which will use 400 Crystal, because you will saving 50 Crystal then using Heroic Summon to get 10 Card Heroes random. Looks like a lot of crystal need but if you patiently login daily, you will collect it in no time.

* Sacrifice Cards :
Pick your best 6 cards that support each other, some cards has abilities raising some faction only. That mean you can form a cards that support same faction and Sacrifice other unneeded cards to upgrade your main cards.

* Smash Tower :
Always smashing Tower of Oblivion every day to get great rewards such as material cards soul, equipment, and other useful things. Every 24 hours you can re-use it, so make sure you don't miss a single day.

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