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This is newbie guide for new player for Guardian Hunter game.
Guardian Hunter is not difficult game, all you need is to spend every energy into dungeon mission. Don't forget watch every event schedule, sometime they give a great event such plus experience, opening free dungeon, etc.

First Gameplay

You can choose whenever you like up to 3 main characters Warrior, Archer, and Sorceress.
Each characters have different skill upgrade and train status. After you finish some tutorial you will find yourself at Camp Menu where you can navigate everything in here :

Camp Menu :

Train :

You can train up you character using gold,
Skill Upgrade or Train abilities. Upgrading your skill will cause more destructive damage and causing skill status such cooldown or SP cost. Each main hero class has different skill upgrade like these example :

Warrior Skill Upgrade :

Archer Skill Upgrade :

Sorceress Skill Upgrade :

Training your main hero is really necessary to get stronger on battles, arena, dungeon, or in stages. But it will cost you more gold which is later we will tell you how, first you must get your hero get stronger by entering stages often :


Each stages had 3 different difficulties and it will opened if you had finish previous difficulties such as you finish Normal mode on the stage, then Hard mode will appeared and so on. Every stage mode has different reward, make sure you clear every difficulties if your level requirement match.

Stage quest is also important for you, you need to clear all 3 requirement to get reward of 1 crystals, going into dungeon also can use helper. Helper is hero from other player around the world, if you use helper than your Guardian you will receive Honor point. Each stages you clear , you must checking often on your possession. Sometimes if you get better gear you must equip it on your character.


In shop there is 4 categories such :

Consumables here you can find potions, revive stone each 3 Crystals, and enchanting stone each 5000 Gold. Most important items is Enhance Stone to upgrade your equipment status, make sure at least you got your equipment enchanted by +3 each for minimum status.

Guardian scroll can be bought on shop, each star summon range cost different type of money.
  • For 3~6 Guardian star will cost you 30 Crystal
  • For 2~4 Guardian star will cost you 1000 Honor point.
Skin has special effect for your characters, but cost you a lot of Crystal. Each skin for each class has different effect such as Ranger Honours Uniform give Critical + 5% it will be really effective if worn by your hero.

Item could be used if you wanted premium equipment for your hero, premium equipment has strong status for your hero. Premium weapon cost 40 crystal, armor cost 40, accessory cost 20, and normal unique grade equipment cos 525 Honor Point.

Crystal Bonus

To receive a lot of free Crystal you we have a way to do so,
You will need facebook account and at least have 60 friends.
If you have that you can go to Menu option at Upper Right from camp menu, go to find friend tab then click Invite Facebook Friends with logo of facebook. Don't worry no need for confirmation from your friend you invited. It will valid count as long you request.
  • For each friends you will get 1 Crystal
  • For 10 friends you will get 10 Crystals
  • For 20 friends you will get 1 Advanced Guardian Summon
  • For 30 friends you will get 30 Crystals
  • For 40 friend you will get 1~4 star guardian scroll
  • For 50 friend you will get 50 Crystals


  • List is to see your Guardian belongings and to combine or giving them runes.
  • Evolve is to evolving your hero by sacrificing certain guardian composition.
  • Sell is to sell your guardian for gold.
  • Book to see list of guardian you had and all guardian ever exist on Guardian Hunter.
Guardian is really good for your future, all guardian lowest star guardian you have you can sell it because if you combine them it will cost expensive gold and give different experience. So we prefer you combine your best guardian with 3-4 star to your 4-5 guardian star and before that you need to at least 4 guardian with 4-5 star for arena.


Guild is your legion team, to create a guild you need 200000 Gold and Level 15 Hero or you can join other people guild. To join other people guild, hit search and apply, you need to wait your application approved to joined.


Don't avoid this one, you might be not confident to get into arena.
But you don't need to worry because you need to use this as often as you could.

Infinite Dungeon is really necessary to get your hero stronger, after you prepared upgrade your equipment, combine your guardians, upgrade your skill, and train your hero. You really ready for this. Infinite dungeon consist round and time limit, each round has different enemies and difficulties, each enemies defeated you will gain extra time limit, each round you finished- stronger they get in next round. This features help you get more gold and score for reward. Each day you can use up to 5 times to enter infinite dungeon.

Guardian Arena is to test your guardian strength, your main hero will not in action.
Your guardian and other people guardian will fight in combat until finished, the winner get more point. Point accumulate to claim reward. Each day you can use up to 10 times to enter Guardian Arena.

Boss Raid only open after your hero level is 15. Your main hero shine here, with other people hero you need to defeat strong bosses and claim beautiful reward.

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