Dragomon Hunter Online Beginner Guide

Dragomon Hunter Online is Massive Multiplayer Action Online game, website, register, and download (3GB+) can be found here : Dragomon Hunter Online.
This game provide 4 different classes which each classes has different combat technique and abilities.

Starter -
Ofcourse like any other MMOARPG you can create your own character for start and choose classes you like based on your gameplay style. Don't worry every classes is worth. You can pick one. Such as Mercenary at level 1, could using Great Axe or Greatsword using different combat skills. You can also develop your own hero status, even more great you can switch it. This game give you an opportunity develop your own hero status in two categories just simply switch on character tab menu (shortcut C). Build tanks or damage dealer your own choice. At level 30 you can choose specialization skill a passive skill to enchant your combat abilities.

Things you need to do first and keep in mind this is the priority in gaming for easy leveling up.

#1. First of all, don't ever ignore quests except quest that need an Item Mall to accomplished it, that's up to you. Get every quest you got, because it's not just about money, items and experience but you will need it for raising your Hunter Level for additional status. Status point : each stats can't be over than your actual level. Example : You are level 20, you can't raising your str over 20.

#2. Second thing, don't sell or throw your material things except your level high enough from material. Material need for various things, which is very important. You can get material from quest or monster. First starter will have difficulties on keeping them. You will get extra 5 slots backpack free from quest along journey, you can keep materials in your bank keep NPC. No need to take it from bank if you wanted to Crafting. Material is for crafting equipment, crafting equipment available on Crafting NPC. Talk to Crafting NPC to do some upgrading. To learn new recipe is so simple, by getting new material, new recipe will appeared. If you ran out material you can trade it with Dragomon Point (from quest and items). Use it for emergency only, if you can still hunting then do it. Several important things with Crafting, there is 
  • Refine : every equipment has percentage of strength, example : Greatsword 106% can be upgrade into max 130%. Percentage is based on equipment status. You can refine it with material.
  • Evolve : every equipment has stars, maximum stars is 5. For beginner you can only evolving your equipment into 2 star. Every star will unlock additional status of your equipment.
  • Transform : you can transform your equipment with Dragocite (from quest or monster) each dragocite has different effects and different inlay.

#3. Third things, please do Hunter League Quests often.
this is very important. It will give you money, experience, material, hunter experience, items, and influence. Going this quest has limit time each day. Make sure you enter while you had Remaining Entries based on your level. Good material can be found by defeating bosses. Crafting one to survive next dungeon

#4. Fourth things is Influence, you can't missed this.
Influence gained each time you finished Hunter League Quests. Each quest has different influence reward. This is for opening League shop which is every League Shop NPC selling really great stuff. More influence you have more opened items can be bought. Such example you can buy accessories that give you massive status.

#5. Fifth things is achievement and title.
You do know what Title mean in MMO, this features give effect to raise your status. But this is different, you don't need to wear a title to get the effect. If you has claim the title, the effects is automatic given. So you can wear any title you got.

#6. Sixth things is Hoppadrome.
Hoppadrome is like tournament to challenge nasty monsters but the main reason you need to do this is not for test your might. You need Ticket to enter by talking into NPC inside the drome. After finishing each fight you will receive book as reward for raising your companion Hoppalong status.

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