Toram Online - Newbie & Boss Guide

If you are newbie in Toram Online, this guide will help your way from beginner.
It will be helpful to fast leveling without confused at first time in Toram world.

First things is to build your own hero. Now your character might be built well, or you already had things in your mind that you plan to do with your character in-game. Sadly, you need resources to achieve those goals(SPINA such as one!!). The first easy resource you have is to do quests. Yes, doing quests at least help you on leveling up while getting rewards including but not limited to SPINA. There are 2 types of quests, the Story Quests and Side Quests. Get them accomplished at most as you progress. Find hunting palace is another thing you might do as well beside quest :

Hunting Palace :

lvl 1 - 10 

I suggest killing anything weak enough since it's pretty easy to get to lvl 10.

lvl 10 - 50

goblins, yeah that's right goblins all the way. The huge spawn and amount of people there on every channel will allow you to join a party fairly easy. They give over 30 exp per kill, have low hp and spawn everywhere.


Torn cloth (sell to npc for 3 spina each)
Nicked blade (sell to npc for 2 spina each)
Now here is the secret, you save up all your small article drops for the quest in sofa city. Why you ask? Well it gives you 11,400 exp for every 30 small articles you give Lefina (located in the middle of sofya). The quest is called small articles in the ruins.

Hunting Bosses :

Once you get strong enough. At some point now, it's time to venture more and get to the world of killing something you'll be challenged.  Boss hunting is one of the exciting things to do in an MMORPG. As we all know, this is the only place in Toram you can test your skills and character's strength(NO PVP ATM) so let's jump into it.

Killing bosses requires some skills. You need to know your functionality also, it is better to have a party in doing so, so that you'll get more rewards.

Boss Colon (Level 10)

  • Element: Wood(Earth) - Weak against Fire
  • Gear Drops: Colon met
  • Item Drops: Colon Leaf, Boss colon skin, *Sofya city(port)
  • Xtal: HP+70, MP+30 ATK +12, ATK +6%, DEF -4% Note: I don't know if there are two different xtals or if the stats were just changed post alpha but the only verified stats I have are the none-striked ones.
Excavated Golem (Level 16) - Underground Ruins : Deepest Part

  • Element: Metal(Earth) - Weak against Fire
  • Gear Drops: Golemet, Alto ruin bow, Huge heavy shield
  • Item Drops: Golem's fragment, Pale gem, Old metal
  • Xtal: Guard rate+5%, Guard power+5%
Gespenst (Level 20) - Underground Channel

  • Element: Darkness - Weak against Light
  • Gear Drops: Old Cloak(Boss Version) [Def: 6, Crit Rate +5, Dodge +3]
  • Item Drops: Pale Gem, Scythe Blade, Remnant of Ghost, Thick Black Cloth, Ominous Horns
  • Xtal: Mp+150, Atk-1%, Matk-1%
Eerie Crystal (Level 24) - Isthmus of Kaus: Dragon's Den

  • Element: Darkness - Weak against Light
  • Gear Drops: Irogeon, Magic Crystal armor
  • Item Drops: Hematite, Black Crystal Fragment, Turbid Crystal, Black Miasma
  • Xtal: Attack MP Recovery +5 Note: Can only be equipped to Special Gear.
Forest Wolf (Level 30) - Marbaro Forest: Deepest Part

  • Element: Wind - Weak against Earth
  • Gear Drops: Forest Wolf Garb [Base DEF 21, Dodge +4, Critical Rate +4, Attack Speed +200], Forest Wolf Bow [Base ATK 23 (70%), Wind Element, Attack Speed +12%, Evasion Rate +6%]
  • Item Drops: Forest Wolf Claw, Forest Wolf Skin, Forest Wolf Horn, Four-Leaf Clover
  • Xtal: Evasion +6, Evasion rate +2%
Minotaur (Level 32) - Ruined Temple : Forbidden Hall

  • Element: Darkness - Weak against Light
  • Gear Drops - Minotaur Knuckles, Minotaur Staff [ATK 34 (55%), Fire Element, Attack MP Recovery +2, Attack Speed -10%]
  • Item Drops: Minotaur Hoof, Minotaur Skin, Minotaur Horn, Damascus Ore
  • Xtal: Hp+5%, Aspd+10%
Brutal Dragon Decel (Level 40) - Nisel Mountain: Summit 

  • Element: Fire/Earth? Under Debate
  • Gear Drops: Brutal Dragon Armor, Brutal Dragon Crown, Brutal Dragon Sword [Base ATK 27 (80%), Attack Speed +500, Cast Speed +500]
  • Item Drops: Brutal Dragon Claw, Brutal Dragon Horn, Brutal Dragon Skin, Brutal Dragon Tail, Black Crystal Fragment, Mithril Ore
  • Xtal: ATK +1% MATK +1% MaxMp -50
Boss Goblin (Level 40) - Ribisco Cave: Deepest Part


  • Element: Metal(Earth) - Weak against Fire
  • Gear Drops: Boss Gob Sword
  • Item Drops: Goblin Medal, Fairy Nose, Ribisco Crystal
  • Xtal: Atk +1%, Crit Rate +2%, Accuracy -4
Mochelo (Level 43) - Fiery Volcano: Area 3 

  • Element: Wind - Weak against Earth
  • Gear Drops: Mochelo Hat
  • Item Drops: Mochelo Fur, Mochelo Pelt, Sweet Apple, Lava Crystal
  • Xtal: HP +5%, Cast Speed +10
Ruin Golem (Level 45) - Zoktzda Ruins: Reversed Hall

  • Element: Earth - Weak against Fire
  • Gear Drops: Relic Shield[Physical Resistance +1%, Guard Rate +22%, Guard Power +15%, Acc +5], Ruin Sword [1H, Earth Element, Meelee Damage +1%, Guard Rate +21%, Acc +5], Golem Arm [Knuckle, Earth Element, ATK +1%, Ranged Attack Damage +1%, Physical Pierce +1%], Fightwear [(Black A/White B) Melee Atk Dmg +2%]
  • Item Drops: Ancient Stone Slab, Zoktzda Stone, Broken Magic Lantern
  • Xtal: HP +200, MDEF 5%, Magic Resist 1%
Forestia (Level 49) - Land of Chaos

  • Element: Wind - Weak against Earth
  • Gear Drops: Storm Dagger[Dodge+7%, Attack Speed +7%, Critical Rate +7%],Tempest Arrow[Wind Element, Critical Damage+1%, Accuracy+10%], Green Dragon Garb [Matk +1%,Magic Resistance +5%, Aggro -10%, Physical Resistance -10%]
  • Item Drops: Green Dragon Claws, Green Dragon Fur, and Rainbow Stone
  • Xtal: Evasion Rate +5%, Magic Resistance +3%, MATK +1%
Flare Volg (Level 50) - Fiery Volcano: Lava Trail

  • Element: Fire - Weak against Water
  • Gear Drops: Plate Armor (3 dye variant), , Volcanic Sword [-5% Crit, Fire Element], Volcanic Claw
  • Item Drops: Fiery Gem, Flare Volg Horn, Flare Volg Claw, Flare Volg Flesh
  • Xtal: Str +3, Range Attack Damage +2%, Magic Resistance -4%

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